Ross Circuit Preschool acknowledges, celebrates, and respects the experiences, culture, values, beliefs, languages and abilities that each child and family brings with them. Through shared communication we are able to work with each family in order to support their journey with us.

Ross Circuit Preschool acknowledges the influences and involvement of the Wiradjuri people, who are the traditional custodians of our land in Lavington, New South Wales.

We work with and are sensitive to the needs of many families that may have settled here as refugees from violence, political persecution and other unsafe environments.

Our centre offers opportunities for all families to contribute to decision making and program development. We value sharing the achievements of the children with their families. We work closely with families to provide a positive relationship that is based upon trust and communication. We work closely with all children, including children with additional needs and from non English speaking backgrounds. we use their interests, skills and strengths to create meaningful teaching strategies and interactions that focus on empowerment and encouragement.

We celebrate the diversity that our team of educators possess. We acknowledge that each educator brings their own expectations, ideas, experiences, backgrounds and culture to our service and in doing so through the recognition of such uniqueness, we have an early childhood service that celebrates inclusiveness and which values and honours diversity. And as such we will encourage children to become more understanding about being socially just and fair.

Our preschool provides a program which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, Being and Becoming. We base our curriculum decisions and professional practice on the outcomes and principles that underpin the Early Years Learning Framework. We use these outcomes to share regular feedback with families on each child’s journey into primary school education via a variety of communication methods. Our program is influenced by research and the theoretical knowledge that play is a very important part of a child’s growth and development.

Our year round indoor outdoor program allows for small and large group play as well as opportunities for the children to engage in solitary play…and to “just be”. Uninterrupted play allows children to practice new skills; challenge and take risks;experiment; hypothesise; practice theories; express their ideas and thoughts; create; investigate and problem solve.

Play can be exciting, thought provoking, challenging and enjoyable. Our educators support each child’s journey by being flexible in their program; provide encouragement, resources and moments to assist children in consolidating their learning. We provide an environment that is safe and inviting with learning opportunities that allow for play with both man made and the natural world resources. Through research and reflection our practices will reflect our commitment to sustainability: environmentally, socially and professionally.

Our practices are guided by the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics (2006) and as such have a responsibility to children, their families, colleagues, community, students, our employers, ourselves as professionals and in the conduct of research. We acknowledge the United Nations Convention on the Rights on the Child, and advocate for children’s rights to be seen, heard and enacted daily. We value within this Code that children are citizens and are competent, capable contributors to our world. Our preschool is committed to providing educators with opportunities to participate in professional development, to further develop qualifications and share this knowledge and skills with one another.