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Community-Based, not for profit Early Learning

Ross Circuit Preschool is a Community Based, Not for Profit Preschool Centre. Since being established in 1976, the Preschool has provided a holistic and inclusive Early Childhood Educational program for Lavington and surrounding communities.

The Preschool is managed by a Board of Management made up of interested parents and community members. It is responsible for the governance of the Preschool to support the Director and Staff, to provide a high quality Early Childhood Education.

The Preschool is licensed by the NSW Department of Education and regulated by Australian Children's Education and Care Authority (ACECQA). The building is leased from Albury City who are responsible for the maintenance of the building grounds.

The frameworks under which we operate are:
National Quality Framework
Early Years Learning Framework
ECA Code of Ethics

These frameworks are used to enhance all children's participation and learning and to continually improve our service and our work with children.

Education and Care Services National Regulations
United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child

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Our educational curriculum

The preschool is committed to providing a rich interest and play based curriculum with educational outcomes which are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and Nationality Quality Framework. The curriculum is child centred and builds life skills, independence, confidence and resilience.

The staff at Ross Circuit Preschool aim to develop children to become emotionally and socially competent, confident and successful learners and be respectful of the diversity of their peers.
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We aim to support all children to engage in our age specific curriculum with confidence, curiosity and consideration.
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Preschool — Child Care in Lavington, NSW
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