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Capable & Nurturing Educators

Ross Circuit Preschool Centre Inc in Lavington was established in 1976. We welcome everyone to our Preschool and engage families with professionalism and integrity. We demonstrate an attitude of inclusion, respect and acceptance. We see children in context of their family and community, believing that families are children's first and most influential teachers.

Ross Circuit delivers age specific high quality curriculum which offers a rich and developmentally appropriate 3 and 4 year old preschool programs for children.
Pre-School — Ross Circuit Preschool Centre Inc In Lavington, NSW
Beads — Ross Circuit Preschool Centre Inc In Lavington, NSW

Our 4 year old program

At Ross Circuit we believe that children's learning is ongoing and that each child will progress in different and yet equally meaningful ways.

Educators extend children's thinking, encourage them to ask questions, engage in conversations and weave learning such as Language, literacy, numeracy & STEM into our play based programs.

Current research shows that a quality preschool education significantly improves a child's transitions to primary school and later life opportunities, by giving them the language, learning skills and social skills required to succeed.

Our 3 year old program

We understand three-year-old children are curious to explore, interact, transform and use their body to understand their environment. Children's learning at Three is on a continuum, from emerging to mastery.

We also understand the importance of both a consistent physical environment and the children and adults within it. Teachers and educators embrace this stage of the children's development and program to focus on social and emotional development.

Children are supported to learn about their emotions and are taught to recognise and name their own feelings and recognise them in others.

These are essential life skills that provide foundation for academic learning including Literacy and Numeracy.

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Playgroup operates from one our preschool rooms during school terms. Playgroup offers opportunities for families with children Birth to Five the chance to meet other families within our local area, have new play experiences and offers a safe and secure space for play.
The play group is coordinated by a dedicated volunteer and operates on Monday's from 9.30 - 11.30am during NSW school terms.

Child and Family Health Nurses

The Preschool shares the building with Child and Family Health Nurses. They see families with with children from birth to Five. Contact the Child and Family Health Nurse directly for all appointments.
The Child and Family health Nurse direct number is 02 6025 4822. Please do not ring the Preschool number.
Preschool Students — Ross Circuit Preschool Centre Inc in Lavington, NSW