Our vision


Relationships lay at the heart of our service

For children to achieve their full potential, their positive relationships with Educators and their peers, our vision provides the brain architecture that is vital to all further learning.

For community, positive relationships allow a sense of belonging and inclusion. This builds social capacity for everyone and leads to a more welcoming and friendly society.

For our Educators the relationships with colleagues, families, children and the community are a priority. Professional development will enhance the best practice for our preschool.

Playground — Our Vision In Lavington, NSW

Ross Circuit Preschool Strategies

This section outlines the strategic priorities for 2020 - 2025 that will enable Ross Circuit Preschool Centre to meet its strategic goals of being a forward thinking preschool, that is innovative and responsive to our vision, maintain our current services and overall viability of the organisation.

Ross Circuit Preschool has been a successfully maintained and functioning service for 40 years. For this community based preschool to remain able, significant funds need to be invested by a range of stakeholders in both the building and grounds.

Ross Circuit Preschool will invest in upgrades to communication and information technology to support the needs of the staff, students and families.


Strategic Priority Strategic Objectives Strategic Actions
1. Forward Thinking and Innovation Enhancing Communication and Technology
  • Update the website to become a first resource and a window to Ross Circuit Preschool for families seeking information
  • Upgrade smartboard, other classroom technologies and software for use in classrooms
  • Streamline efficient means of digital engagement and communication with families: i.e. social media, website, email and newsletters
Staff Development
  • Website design
  • System training for staff
  • Targeting professional development which aligns current research with centre practices and philosophy
  • Identify succession planning opportunities for staff to upskill, ensuring a continuum of expertise and knowledge is held within the centre
2. Strong Relationships Responsive to our Vision and Philosophy
  • Strive towards fair representation on the Ross Circuit Preschool board of parents, community and professional members
  • Continue to build collaborative partnerships with child and family nurses, allied health services and local schools to support positive transitions
  • Enhance the links between playgroup and Ross Circuit Preschool
  • Ensuring staff are supported to respond to local community needs
3. Maintenance of Current Service and Facilities Investing in Upgrades, Refurbishments and Sustainability
  • Improvement to internal structures
  • Investigating efficient energy and environmental sustainability options
  • Maintain strong relationship with Albury City Council
  • Liaise with all tiers of government and the wider community
Yard Masterplan
  • Stage 1 – Consult
  • Stage 2 – Design
  • Stage 3 – Implementation inline with any building refurbishments
4. Future Viability Ross Circuit Preschool will maintain economic viability and sustainability
  • Continued effective financial management and budgeting
  • Allocation of adequate resources to governance and management
  • Time allocation for continual policies and procedure reviews to reflect centre practice and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with professional management support services to improve outcomes for children

our philosophy

Ross Circuit Preschool Centre sits respectfully on Wiradjuri Country and we acknowledge the Wiradjuri People as custodians of this land and honour their connection to country. We walk together toward reconciliation, acknowledging the past and learning and exploring the continuing richness of First Nations culture and heritage.

We acknowledge children as active and competent learners and we support their sense of agency within a thoughtful program. Our program is underpinned by research and understandings that play is vital to a child’s learning, growth and development. We aim to support all children to engage in the play-based curriculum with confidence, curiosity and consideration.
We believe that learning can be enhanced when children have access to open environments which allows free choice for indoor spaces or in natural outdoor spaces. As such, the children have the flexibility to choose where their learning takes place and are supported by trusting educators.

Here at Ross Circuit Preschool, we promote and contribute to lifelong learning, facilitating positive intergenerational programs such as onsite playgroup, maternal and child health and reciprocal visits with the elderly in our community.

Our families most value respectful communication and partnerships with educators

We deliver an inclusive service, which understands that children’s wellbeing requires us to build strengthening relationships with every family. We do this by providing space for families to build community connections and access support from educators and staff. Ross Circuit Preschool see children in the context of their family and community, believing that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. Staff are sensitive to the uniqueness of each family, and seek input in decision-making and program development, sharing goals and achievements of the children.

Our curriculum and professional practices supports every child. Educators tune into each child to consolidate their learning. Educators listen, look and think about the meaning of and learning in, children’s play. Utilising a holistic planning and evaluating cycle, educators reflect when to provide intentional teaching moments, and when to step back.
Teacher Teaching Kids — Our Vision In Lavington, NSW
Pre-Schools Rasing Hand — Our Vision In Lavington, NSW

Educators and staff act with professionalism and integrity

Demonstrating an attitude of inclusion, respect and acceptance—this is extended to volunteers and students. We understand the individual strength each person brings to the service. We value and honour diversity yet, we can communicate agreed ways to move forward in the journey towards quality practice together. A common culture where learning and listening are integral. We are committed to providing educators with opportunities to participate in professional development, reflecting current research and practice which supports both professional and personal growth.

Our dedicated board of management members facilitate the maintenance of our quality service and strive for the holistic sustainability of Ross Circuit Preschool.